99 Series, Inc.

Dana Owens, Series Copy Editor

99 Book Series® – “Jet Reads”

The 99 Book Series launches a new roster of inspiring, personal, and business development books in a first-of-a-kind simple format: one-lesson-per-page.

Written by accredited, academic, professional authors, the travel size books include bullet form information to enable consumers to launch directives for positive change. The 99 Things You Wish You Knew Before®… Book Series are easy-to-grasp pocketbooks that remove the exhausting task of navigating and reading hundreds of pages of larger books with 99 concise bullet points.

Content is king—the 99 Series currently owns over 1,500+ tips & tricks and growing with over 30 authors on our roster—99 bullet points per book, one lesson per page. You do the math! Presented in quick-read and an anecdote-laden format, the 99 Book Series gives practical advice on issues such as money, marriage, dating, self-esteem, retirement, financial planning, teen sex, child rearing, college and much more.