Erin Marie Daly, Founder of OxyWatchdog.com

“Dana’s outstanding work as editor, blogger and research assistant has been crucial in building my website’s content and visibility. She’s quick and thorough, not to mention creative and self-starting. Her talent and dedication will be an asset to any employer.”

Erin Marie Daly
Founder of OxyWatchdog.com

Dr. Brenda Wade, President of Heartline Productions

“As my executive assistant and project coordinator, Dana handled whatever new project was given to her with grace and an easy-going manner that was a joy. No matter how intense the schedule became with media calls (from Oprah, CNN, and the Today Show no less) or highly sensitive client emergencies, she fielded every ball.

Dana’s systematic approach brought two international, large-scale conferences to life from planning to on-the-ground execution. She breathed new creativity into my company’s marketing and promotional materials and amped-up my online presence. As perhaps her piece de le resistance, Dana worked tirelessly to edit and organize my most recent book, 99 Things Women Wish They Knew Before Falling In Love, in a matter of weeks without sacrificing quality, clarity or style.  Dana would make an invaluable addition to any project, team or company and has my heart-filled support.”

Dr. Brenda Wade
President, Heartline Productions
Founder, The International Love & Money Summit

Tom Cheredar, Freelance Journalist

“Dana is a phenomenal worker. While working with her I came to appreciate her ability to juggle multiple projects in a timely matter without sacrificing an ounce of quality. She’s a great writer with a clear voice, which is mirrored by her personality. More than that, Dana is honest, loyal and would be a true asset to any company.”

Tom Cheredar
Freelance Journalist
Former News Editor, Sidelines

Barbara Russo, President of Barbara Russo Strategics

“Dana is a pleasure to work with. Focused, committed, skilled and professional in every way. Her contribution enhances every project. Her positive demeanor and grasp of the task at hand makes going for it all the more fun while never losing sight of the goal. Results are never in doubt. Go Dana!”

Barbara Russo
President, Barbara Russo STRATEGICS